Fix Glitchy Famicom Disk System Sprites!

You might remember my glitchy Mario from a previous blog post. Basically I thought my copy of Mario 2 was just old and glitchy, but it appears that it’s actually the Famicom Disk System RAM Cart that was causing the issue! I googled it and found this particularly useful blog post by synt4x and I’m … Read moreFix Glitchy Famicom Disk System Sprites!

Replace Screen Lens + Buttons on Game Boy Color

I recently purchased a Pokemon themed Game Boy Color, the one with Pikachu and Pichu on the screen. It is a bit beat up, some scratches on the screen and the Dpad and buttons were a bit squishy and soft, nothing we can’t fix though and we can give it a little bit of a … Read moreReplace Screen Lens + Buttons on Game Boy Color

Famicom Disk System + FDS Stick

Quick History Lesson Famicom + Famicom Disk System The Famicom Disk System was an addon for the Nintendo Family Computer (Famicom) released back in 1986. It used an entirely new system of loading games for the Famicom, in the format of Game Disks, which were essentially a proprietary sized floppy disk. The FDS unit itself … Read moreFamicom Disk System + FDS Stick