Virtual Boy Stand Fix

Hey there! I’ve been quite busy since the last post with little time to work away on my games D=I managed to pick up a pretty cheap Virtual Boy and some games, it works great!

I am genuinely impressed with the level of 3D and just how clear and crisp the graphics are, especially the tiny text! I was having a great time playing Red Alarm, an amazing Descent-ish like game but the stand was a bit more wobbly than expected!

Upon further investigation I noticed the plastic “Medallion” at the center of the stand was a bit cracked and missing a little part on the top. It finally kicked the bucket when I tried snapping the Virtual Boy into the stand with the legs open (oops).

I got out the calipers and some paper and started tracing and measuring and whipped up a 3D model of the piece, didn’t get it exactly right first try, I made the screw holes too tight, but the second worked perfectly!

I’ve had mine in use now for a few days now and it’s holding up quite nicely, the Virtual Boy currently lives on my desk right beside the 3D Printer so it’s been given a proper shake about too and yet to show any signs of stress!

Here are some comparison pics

Whenever most people find out I have a 3D printer they immediately give the “yeah but it’s not actually made anything useful” spiel and yes, while 90% of everything I’ve printed is useless tat, it’s stuff like this that makes it all worth while for me and each one only takes an hour to print!

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